Ted Budd Reports Best Fundraising Month Yet, Raising Over $400K

And – Special Bonus – ICYMI Graphics!

(Advance, NC) – Ted Budd for US Senate today announced that January was their best month yet for fundraising just one day after it was revealed that Governor Pat McCrory’s fundraising has fallen by 25% in the last quarter of 2021, McCrory’s 32nd year as a career politician. Ted Budd for US Senate raised over $400K for the month.

“This validates what I said yesterday,” said Ted Budd. “We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us, but my January numbers confirm that we’ve got the momentum to win and we are only accelerating.”

With NASCAR, given their cool graphics and fast cars, it’s pretty easy to see the momentum. In Politics it’s not quite as colorful, or exciting. It’s…basically screen shots from Twitter. But if you want to see what momentum in a campaign looks like (or what it looks like when a campaign is running out of gas and/or sitting on flat tires), we’ve helpfully collated some of yesterday’s best examples. You’re welcome #NCPOL.

Momentum – Ted Budd is the winner per Inside Elections.

Running Out Of Gas-1 – Ted Budd has the momentum and
Governor McCrory is “dwindling” per WRAL.

Running Out Of Gas-2 – National analysis (The Cook Report) not great for Governor McCrory either. And yeah, McCrory definitely doesn’t want his fundraising going the same way as his polling.

Four Flat Tires – And the Cook analysis is just as bad for one of the five other Republican candidates who claim to be running. (Pro-Tip – “futile” is never how a candidate wants their campaign to be described).

And, back to WRAL, while Governor McCrory pronounced himself proud to fall to second place (vividly described by Dale Earnhardt), our Senior Advisor was, per usual, both appreciative and subtle.

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