Conservative Lawmakers from Across the State
Believe Ted Budd is the Best Choice for North Carolina

(Advance, NC) – 33 legislators from across North Carolina today endorsed Ted Budd for US Senate. 25 are presently serving in the NC General Assembly and 8 are former members. The group includes members who represent urban and rural districts across the state. 2 are graduates of the US Military Academy at West Point and 1 of those specifically points to what she learned at West Point about “Duty, Honor, Country” as being the reason why she is endorsing Ted Budd for US Senate.

“Amy Kate and I are honored to have earned the support of so many great Conservatives across North Carolina,” said Ted Budd.“Even in the face of the pandemic and our Governor’s shutdown policies, North Carolina’s economy has grown, and I know that our legislators deserve all of the credit for that. Their vision and their commitment to conservative principles have created more jobs for individual North Carolinians and more opportunities for all North Carolinians. I appreciate their service to our great state and look forward to being their partner at the federal level.”

“Our campaign is growing stronger every day,” said Jonathan Felts, Senior Advisor to Ted Budd for US Senate. “This large group of legislators represents all geographic regions of North Carolina and urban and rural communities alike. Some of them even ran against Ted in the 2016 primary but now believe Ted Budd is the best choice for North Carolina, demonstrating that Ted is a candidate who can find common ground with folks and get things done. A lot of these folks either worked with Governor McCrory at Duke Energy or served in the legislative branch during his only term in statewide office. Despite these long-standing relationships with Governor McCrory, these public servants are choosing Ted Budd as the best choice for US Senate.”

Please see the list of endorsers (alphabetical order) and their quotes below.

Current Members of the NC General Assembly Endorsing Ted Budd for US Senate
NC Senator Ted Alexander (R, Dist. 44)
Ted Budd has been and will continue to be a champion for the people of North Carolina. He is the best candidate to win in November, and I couldn’t be more pleased to support him in his run for US Senate and uniting our Grand Old Party.

NC Representative Kristin Baker, MD (R, Dist. 82)
As a mother, doctor, and conservative, I know Ted Budd is the leader we need in the US Senate to help our families flourish. He’s won tough battles without wavering from his core convictions, and he’s running for the right reason — to serve. I’m happy to stand with him, because I know Ted Budd will fight for us here in North Carolina.

NC Representative James Boles, Jr. (R, Dist. 52)
It is clear that Ted Budd is the best choice to be North Carolina’s next U.S. Senator. He has a proven record of conservatism and fighting for the people of North Carolina. I am proud to give him my support for his run for United States Senate.

NC Senator Danny Britt, Jr. (R, Dist. 13)
I’m in for Ted at 110%; he is the best choice to be our next US Senator from North Carolina.

NC Senator Jim Burgin (R, Dist. 12)
I’ve spent the time with Ted to get to know him and I support him as our best choice to be our next US Senator.

NC Senator Warren Daniel (R, Dist. 46)
I’m a small businessman and a farm owner. I’m endorsing Ted Budd for US Senate because I know he’s going to fight for all of North Carolina’s working families. Ted understands the challenges facing both employers and workers and how government regulations can hurt job opportunities as well as our economy. I’m also a West Point graduate and Army veteran. More than ever, we need someone like Ted Budd in the US Senate to keep America strong and stop Joe Biden from weakening our nation both at home and around the world. Ted Budd is a devoted Christian and I know he will represent North Carolina well in the US Senate.

NC Senator Carl Ford (R, Dist. 33)
Ted Budd is a good man and it’s my pleasure to endorse him today. As a constituent of Ted Budd’s, I know firsthand how hard Ted works in support of the communities he represents and that’s why I am endorsing him. Ted Budd will be a great advocate for the people of North Carolina in the US Senate.

NC Representative Julia Howard (R, Dist. 77)
Ted Budd and I are both from Davie County, so Ted and his family are constituents of mine and I know they’re good people. On the federal side, I’m one of Ted’s constituents so I can also vouch that Ted is working hard for North Carolina in Congress. That’s why I’m endorsing Ted Budd for US Senate. Ted Budd takes his Davie County values to Washington, DC to fight against out of control, big government. Unless you’re accusing him of being a Davie County Insider, it’s laughable for anyone to try to label Ted a “DC-Insider.”

NC Representative Frank Iler (R, Dist. 17)
President Trump and I agree that we need a business-minded person with a proven conservative record and that person is Ted Budd.

NC Representative Jake Johnson (R, Dist. 113)
Ted Budd is a true champion for our conservative values. I know he will continue to promote free market principles and defend personal freedoms. I am happy to call him a close friend and proud endorse Ted Budd for the United States Senate.

NC Representative Keith Kidwell (R, Dist. 79)
Ted Budd is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and is pro-life. I support Ted Budd for US Senate.

NC Senator Joyce Krawiec (R, Dist. 31)
I am honored to endorse, my good friend, Ted Budd for US Senate. Ted is one of the finest men I’ve ever known and has served his district well. His character and integrity are traits that make him an outstanding Congressman. Ted never forgets who he represents, and he always puts them first.

NC Senator Michael Lazzara (R, Dist. 6)
In my time of knowing Ted Budd, I have found him to be a man of honor and courage. He has taken North Carolina values with him to Washington as he fights in the House of Representatives, and I know he will do the same in the US Senate. I am proud to support him in his run for US Senate.

NC Senator Tom McInnis (R, Dist. 25)
It’s my pleasure to endorse Ted Budd as the best choice for US Senate. North Carolina is fortunate to have someone of the character of Ted in the US Congress and I believe he will be a great advocate for all North Carolinians in the US Senate.

NC Representative Jeffrey McNeely (R, Dist. 84)
I support Ted Budd because he is a conservative, Christian who has continuously stood up for the Constitution in Congress and will continue to do so in the US Senate.

NC Representative Grey Mills (R, Dist. 95)
We need Ted Budd as US Senator because he listens and understands what families need to raise their children and pay their bills. He’s a leader with a backbone, who cares more about others than himself.

NC Senator Paul Newton (R, Dist. 36)
Ted Budd has been an effective leader representing North Carolina in Congress. Along with his excellent work ethic, Ted will continue to bring common sense conservatism to the U.S. Senate.

NC Representative Ray Pickett (R, Dist. 93)
When it comes to being a conservative and a patriot in Congress, Ted Budd leads the way. I know Ted to be someone who truly understands the issues facing North Carolina and the ways to solve them. When I see Ted Budd on the ballot next year, you better believe I know where I am putting my check mark.

NC Representative Larry Pittman (R, Dist. 83)
I gladly join President Donald Trump to endorse Ted Budd for US Senate. Ted Budd stands boldly for the conservative Christian values on which the greatness of our State and America stands. When so many in our government today are either attacking these values or surrendering to those who do, we need strong patriots in Washington to uphold those values. Specifically, when efforts are mounting to violate our right to keep and bear arms, we need a strong Second Amendment advocate to stand up for that right. Ted Budd is the man for the job.

NC Representative Larry Potts (R, Dist. 81)
From Murphy to Manteo, Ted Budd is by far the best candidate to represent North Carolina in the US Senate. Ted cares about NC and the values that make, and keep, the United States great.

NC Representative Jason Saine (R, Dist. 97)
Everyone focuses on our tax reform efforts in 2013 but often overlook how important our regulatory reform effort was for job creation in North Carolina. Other folks just didn’t get it and hampered our efforts at more significant regulatory reform. Ted Budd is a businessman who understands that tax relief is only half the battle; our job creators must have regulatory relief as well for the maximum positive impact. That’s why I’m supporting Ted Budd or US Senate. Ted understands how to get things done and will be a true advocate for 21st century North Carolina!

NC Representative Mitchell Setzer (R, Dist. 89)
It is a true pleasure to endorse North Carolina native and conservative Ted Budd for US Senate. It is a breath of fresh air to have someone running for this seat that is truly one with the people of North Carolina.

NC Representative Harry Warren (R, Dist. 76)
I believe our best chance of winning the Senate seat is to promote a candidate who has proven he can win elections, is a true conservative, and who keeps in touch with his constituents and legislates based on principle, not polling. That’s why I’m supporting Ted Budd for the US Senate. Ted is the clear choice.

NC Representative Sam Watford (R, Dist. 80)
Ted Budd has been a solid conservative advocate for the people of Davidson County. I am proud to endorse him for his run for United States Senate. I know he is the best person to win in November, and I look forward to seeing him represent all of North Carolina.

NC Representative Jeff Zenger (R, Dist. 74)
I’ve known Ted Budd for years and have been privileged to call him a friend. He is as genuine as they come, and I will do whatever I can to help get him to the US Senate.

Former Members of the NC General Assembly Endorsing Ted Budd for US Senate
Former NC Senator John Alexander
Ted is the kind of person we need in the US Senate to push the United States in the right direction.

Former NC Senator Patrick Ballantine
I was honored to serve the people of North Carolina in the NC Senate for 10 years. Since then, I have continued to be engaged in my community, both on a personal and professional level, working hard on economic development challenges. North Carolina needs our next US Senator to understand the business world. Ted Budd is a successful businessman. Ted Budd knows how job creation works. He wants you to have a good job, that you enjoy, and pays well. Ted Budd knows a good job creates a happier family, a safer neighborhood, a healthier community, and a better North Carolina, for all of us.

Former NC Senator Tom Apodaca
Ted Budd won’t back down from tough fights. He knows what he believes, and we can rely on him to keep his word and stay in the fight until he gets the results our state needs. This is an easy decision for anyone who wants to stop the madness in Washington: Ted Budd for US Senate.

Former NC Representative Rayne Brown
I support Ted Budd because he is a true conservative and will fight hard for this state.

Former NC Representative Holly Grange
At West Point, they taught us Duty, Honor, Country and that is why I’m endorsing Ted Budd for US Senate. He’s a conservative who will fight for our veterans and active-duty military like no one else. As a business leader, I know the challenges to job creation and that no region of our state is more important than another. Ted has a proven record of fighting for free market principles and standing up against political games. He will serve our state honorably.

Former NC Senator Bob Rucho
Ted Budd for US Senate. A good guy and a great conservative.

Former NC Senator Fred Smith
Ted Budd is the only businessman in this race who understands how oppressive big government destroys jobs and hurts paychecks. His experience with our state’s agriculture industry and his strong support of farmers will be vital to our state’s economy and for good, hardworking people. There’s no doubt Ted Budd is the best man for the job.

Former NC Senator Jeff Tarte
As a business owner, Ted Budd is the only candidate who understands the responsibilities that come with signing the front of a paycheck and who has created real jobs. As a legislator, Ted Budd is the only candidate respected by his peers who understands how to effectively navigate and get results in the chambers of Congress. Ted is focused on the burdens caused by the government spending money they do not have, taxing us blindly, and over-regulating business and our lives. Ted Budd will never support actions that abandon Americans or leave them behind in harm’s way. Ted Budd is the real deal, an elected official who actually cares about you and our families!

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