Update on Ted Budd’s 100 County Tour of North Carolina!

Agriculture Tours. Economic Development Tours. Fresh Strawberries. A Festival Dedicated to Pickles. And Dad Jokes. The Fun Never Stops!

Even though those big city reporter-types like to mock a candidate going to all one hundred counties, looking voters in the eye, and asking for their support, Ted Budd for US Senate today didn’t let the haters distract and offered up this exciting update on Ted Budd’s 100 County Tour of North Carolina. So far, Ted Budd and the Biden Agenda Crusher have cruised through 81 counties in North Carolina with plans to hit all 100 Counties by Primary Day!

Over the past two weeks, Ted Budd has:

On top of all this, we even managed to squeeze in local media hits (because we love to support local news), grassroots activations, and even a fundraiser or two.

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