More Epic than Top Gun?!?!

Ted Budd for US Senate Moves into Next Phase of Campaign Via a Soft, Subtle Television Ad with a Nuanced Message


(Advance, NC) – Ted Budd for US Senate launched a new TV ad today and it’s epic. It stars President Trump, Ted Budd, and thousands of North Carolina Patriots who believe in American Exceptionalism and support America First policies. It is, quite possibly, even better than the latest trailer for Top Gun 2 that debuted a few weeks back. And even though thoughts of Ted Budd make Pat McCrory start singing the Kenny Loggins classic Danger Zone, we’re confident most folks are gonna watch this ad, get pumped up for America and Ted Budd, and then go vote for Ted Budd. Best of all, you don’t have to wait for Doc Fauci to tell you it’s ok to go to a movie theater to see it – just click right here and watch it right now!

Frequently Asked Questions w/Felts
So, not backing away from Trump?
Ted Budd has consistently supported America First polices that protect and promote American jobs as the top priority. Why would anyone back away from that? As President Donald Trump has said, Ted Budd has never wavered in his commitment to America First. President Trump’s passionate pursuit of an America First Agenda is one of the reasons President Trump carried North Carolina twice.

Well, no one can say you’re not consistent.
Yep. Consistently awesome and consistently America First. You know who’s not consistent – One-Term-Governor Pat McCrory. He started this campaign 40 points up telling major donors Ted Budd was too conservative and too close to President Trump. Now he’s 12 points down and telling voters Ted Budd is too liberal and too close to Joe Biden. Maybe he tells his country club friends one thing but grassroots voters something else? Who knows? But that’s McCrory’s version of being consistent – he’s been consistently inconsistent for all 33 years of his 33-year-old political career. Ted Budd hasn’t changed, but Pat McCrory’s poll numbers have, so too has Pat McCrory. It’s almost like McCrory is just flailing about and doesn’t really know what he believes?

Wait a minute…were the messages on the stage added in digitally in post-production? Are you trying some sort of subliminal trick?! We got’cha!
Yeah, you got me. We used digital effects in our ads to amplify Ted’s message of America First and securing the borders. McCrory used digital effects in his ads to suggest to North Carolina voters that he likes to rock khakis and a nice button-down shirt while pushing a wheelbarrow of fecal matter around and about Uptown Charlotte. You tell me who’s on-message and who’s [way] off-message?

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