Will Cheri Beasley Copycat Democrat Darling Beto O’Rourke and Hide from Biden?

(Raleigh, N.C.) – Democrat National Darling Beto O’Rourke, was today quoted in Politico that he absolutely does NOT want Joe Biden anywhere close to his campaign (blurb below). Since Cheri Beasley recently tried, but failed, to distance herself from the defund the police Democratic politicians, is she now going to try, but fail, to distance herself from Joe Biden?

“Governor Pat McCrory and his campaign minions, suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome since June 5 of last year, have spent months trashing President Trump and making false claims to reporters and major donors that President Trump will be a problem for Republicans in the general election,” said Jonathan Felts, Senior Advisor to the Ted Budd campaign. “They’re so obsessed with trashing President Trump, that they forget what the real problem is in 2022 – Joe Biden and his Woke, Left-Wing policies. Republican nominees aren’t going to have a problem because of Donald Trump. Democratic nominees will be the ones wearing the Biden anchor as they try to swim upstream against defund the police insanity and record-setting inflation.”

Felts challenged the NC Press Corps to be as motivated about Biden as they are about Trump.

“Based on this past Friday, I know for a fact that NC reporters lovvvvvvve to obsess about unsourced gossip in Politico,” Felts continued. “I hope they’ll be just as committed to well-sourced (it’s the actual candidate saying it on the record) news in Politico. We’ll gladly host a rally with President Trump in North Carolina whenever and wherever. Will Cheri Beasley do the same with Joe Biden? Cheri Beasley can stand with a guy who dresses like a cartoon animal or Cheri Beasley can stand with a guy who governs like Jimmy Carter. Which one is it going to be?

Politico Weekly Score Blurb (emphasis Politico’s)
THANKS, BUT NO THANKS — Former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) doesn’t want help for Biden on his gubernatorial campaign, the Dallas Morning News’ Philip Jankowski wrote. O’Rourke is challenging GOP Gov. Greg Abbott, after losing to Cruz in 2018 and dropping out of the presidential primary in 2020. “I’m not interested in any national politician — anyone outside of Texas — coming into this state to help decide the outcome of this,” O’Rourke said. “I think we all want to make sure that we’re working with, listening to and voting with one another here in Texas.”

NOTE: While it has been widely documented that Beto is a Furry, we have no evidence, yet, that Cheri Beasley is also a Furry and are not implying that in any way, shape, or form.

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