Ted Budd Tops Off the Tank of the Biden Agenda Crusher with Over $1M Raised in Q1 and Almost $2M CoH Heading into the Final Turn of the Primary Race

(Advance, NC) – Ted Budd for US Senate filed the 2022 Q1 FEC report today indicating that his campaign raised $1,125,369.85 in Q1 this year (helpful tip: the full total raised is line item 16 on page 3) and has almost $2M cash-on-hand going into the final 32 days of the primary campaign.

“Amy Kate and I thank everyone who has given to our campaign,” said Ted Budd. “All recent polls have us up by double-digits, but we’re going to be out there campaigning like we’re down by 10 points. Your investment has helped us to build strong grassroots coalitions in all 100 counties with neighbors contacting neighbors to recruit new voters onto the Ted Budd team. And your generosity means we can take our America First message into every home across our great state so that the working families of North Carolina know my top priority is to protect and promote American jobs. We’ve got the momentum but we’re not going to let up until we win.”

Going into the last 32 day of the primary campaign:

  • 1,000 new Ted Budd volunteers signed up at the recent rally with President Donald Trump to help amplify the grassroots coalitions already organized and active in all 100 counties (over 50,000 volunteer voter contacts in March).
  • Ted Budd leads all recent polls by double-digits.
  • Ted Budd had a solid fundraising quarter and the quarter ended before multiple polls were released indicating Ted Budd is leading by double-digits.
  • Ted Budd is endorsed by President Donald Trump, the most popular Republican on The Planet Earth (and likely other planets as well); and is also endorsed by Lt. Governor Mark Robinson, the most popular Republican in North Carolina.
  • Ted Budd is the only Republican candidate on schedule to visit all 100 counties in North Carolina before the Primary on May 17.

Frequently Asked Questions No Voters Care About
But Political Dorks Like to Opine (or Whine) About
Jonathan Felts, Senior Advisor to Ted Budd for US Senate

Does Cheri Beasley’s fundraising advantage worry you?
Great question – and I’m really digging the “Ted Budd is obviously going to be the nominee” vibe you’re putting out with that question.

And no, it doesn’t worry me. NC voters will not vote in November focused on Cheri Beasley’s fundraising numbers. NC voters are going to vote in November thinking about another number, specifically $5,200. $5,200 is how much extra the average working family in NC will have to pay in 2022 to cover the costs of the Joe Biden inflation policies.

Besides, Beasley will probably burn up any financial advantage with all the money she’s going to spend dodging Joe Biden and Kamala Harris every time they come to North Carolina.

So, you’re good with this number?
Yes. Like most of this campaign, this was not flashy but it’s a good, solid quarter. We spent most of Q1 either behind in the polls or slightly in the margin of error (or even in danger of completely fading away if you believe the wishful thinking of some “expert reporters” in Washington, DC). Despite that, we stayed in the game and had a solid quarter. Multiple polls indicating Ted Budd having a double-digit lead came out after the quarter had closed. We’ve seen an uptick from that good news and have been able to increase our voter contact budget to touch undecided voters a few more times. So, yeah, we’re good.

What about McCrory outraising you?
One-term Governor Pat McCrory’s political career is 33 years old this year. 33 years as a politician means he’s got a lot of baggage, but it also means he’s got the obvious advantage of a golden rolodex (it’s 33 years old – it’s an actual rolodex) for fundraising. And, as I noted last July, Governor McCrory has the deft touch of a tier-one professional politician when it comes to working over fat cats and raising big dollars. We’ve always felt like we win if we can stay competitive on the fundraising side. We’re competitive. And we’re gonna win.

Look at the big picture – taking out the $250K that Ted invested in his campaign – McCrory has outraised us by just over $170K for the cycle. That’s great news for McCrory. But, oh yeah, Ted also transferred in just over $1.1 million from his House account giving Ted Budd the overall financial advantage.

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