Ted Budd Takes the Biden Agenda Crusher to All 100 Counties in NC – Next Stop is Victory Lane!

Ted Budd is the Only Candidate (Who Hasn’t Dropped Out*) to Hit All 100 Counties

(Advance, NC) – Despite the condescending derision of big city tv reporters who think the world revolves only around them and whatever they deign worthy of reporting upon, Ted Budd pressed on and, as of late Friday evening with an event in Camden County, has officially taken the Biden Agenda Crusher to all 100 counties in North Carolina. Ted Budd is the only candidate with an actual job** other than campaigning full time and yet, Ted Budd is the only candidate (still running) to visit all 100 counties. Now he’s focused on getting to Victory Lane on May 17.

“North Carolina is a wonderful state and one of the best things about this campaign is I finally have a good excuse to visit all 100 counties,” said Ted Budd. “Amy Kate and I are making new friends across the state, and we’re honored folks have volunteered their time and resources in all 100 counties to help our campaign. I know some folks mock the idea, but I can’t imagine saying you want to represent all 100 counties without making it a priority to visit all 100 counties. Thanks to Beasley-Biden polices yielding record-setting inflation and high gas prices, it cost a lot more to do it, but it was worth it to be able to shake hands, look voters in the eyes, and ask for their votes in all 100 counties.”

  • Ted Budd has visited all 100 counties.
  • Ted Budd has had organized grassroots coalitions making volunteer voter contacts in 100 counties since early October thanks to Ted’s outreach and thanks to President Donald Trump’s endorsement.
  • Ted Budd has received campaign donations from all 100 counties.

Pat McCrory, over the course of four statewide campaigns (2008, 2012, 2016) and four years as Governor, has not visited all 100 counties. Cheri Beasley, also on her fourth statewide campaign (2008, 2014, 2020), has not visited all 100 counties. They must think all that matters is Charlotte and Raleigh…maybe that explains why they’re both getting slaughtered in rural communities according to polling data?

* Yeah, he’s a Democrat, but kudos to Jeff Jackson. The dude hit 100 counties in 100 days and that ain’t easy. And he has young children at home, so even more kudos to his wife. JJ was the only other candidate in this race that seems to care about grassroots. Unfortunately for JJ, despite all his left-wing tweets, he’s still not woke enough to win a Democrat primary these days (unless a corrupt Democrat-Princeton-Professor gerrymanders a congressional district custom-made for JJ, but, I digress).
**Walker chose not to seek re-election in 2020; Beasley was involuntarily retired in 2020; McCrory was involuntarily retired in 2016.

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