(Advance, NC) – Ted Budd today announced that his campaign has named a Budd Crew Chief in all 100 counties in North Carolina. The Budd Crew Chiefs will help organize grassroots support in every county in the state. Please find quotes from various Budd Crew Chiefs at the bottom of this release.

“One of the most important members of a NASCAR team is the Crew Chief,” said Ted Budd. “The driver always gets the credit, but I know it’s the crew chief who makes sure the team is at peak efficiency and the engine is prepared for maximum output. Our Budd Crew Chiefs are doing the same thing for our grassroots operations in each county. With the help of the Budd Crew Chiefs, Amy Kate and I are going to drive the Liberal Agenda Crusher into Victory Lane on Election Night!”

“A strong, well-organized grassroots organization is critically important for any campaign serious about winning,” said Jonathan Felts, Senior Advisor to Ted Budd for US Senate. “But even more so in a non-presidential election year like 2022. You need your supporters reaching out to their friends and neighbors with a personal voter contact. A lot of folks might tell you that all that matters these days are flashy TV ads or the latest campaign tech widget, but after 25 years in this business, I know that the ability to inspire and motivate a strong, neighbor-to-neighbor, grassroots organization is what separates a winning campaign from other candidates’ losing efforts.”“Our initial campaign plan didn’t anticipate being organized in all 100 counties this early,” Felts continued, “but President Trump’s early endorsement has allowed us to accelerate our campaign buildout. We made an early radio buy across the state, in urban and rural markets, to help build Ted’s name ID and we’ve invested in key staff who specialize in grassroots outreach. The Liberal Agenda Crusher continues to accelerate and will take Ted Budd to Victory Lane in 2022.”
If you want to sign up to be part of the Budd Crew, please click here.

Quotes from Budd Crew Chiefs

Ashley Woolard (Beaufort County)
Former Beaufort County GOP Chair & 2010 GOP Congressional Nominee (NC-01)“I am honored to serve as the Budd Crew Chief for Beaufort County and to volunteer in support of Ted Budd for US Senate. His pro-freedom voting record in Congress combined with his strong moral stance on the critical issues we face today demonstrate why he is the conservative leader we can trust.”

Bob Penland (Buncombe County)
GOP Precinct Chair
“When it comes to the 2022 US Senate race, Ted Budd is the man for the job. I have been active in NC politics for over 20 years, and I have never seen someone better fit to serve North Carolinians than Ted Budd. Ted Budd best represents our NC values and just like President Trump, I fully endorse and support Ted Budd for US Senate.”

Brian Miller (Forsyth County)
Former Forsyth County GOP Chair & Small Business Owner
“I support Ted Budd because I’ve watched him build an outstanding conservative record in Congress. Ted Budd will not waiver in the face of liberal attacks and I know he stands strong in his faith and love of family. Just like me, Ted Budd knows the challenges of a running a small business. Ted Budd is the right man for the job and I can’t wait to vote for Ted and ask others to vote for him.”

Rhonda Amoroso (New Hanover County)
Former New Hanover County GOP Chair & McCrory Appointee to the NC Board of Elections
“Ted Budd has always impressed me with his honesty, humility, and accessibility. It’s not often you see a political candidate with these qualities. Ted Budd will be an excellent US Senator and I’m proud to volunteer in support of his campaign.”

Dianne Layden (Perquimans County)
Former Chair, Perquimans County Board of Elections
“I supported Ted Budd for US Senate even before President Trump’s endorsement. Ted Budd is the only true conservative in this race, and I know he will represent North Carolina well in the US Senate. Ted Budd has a winning record and a true love for North Carolina and the people of North Carolina.”

Justin Somers (Yadkin County)
Family Farmer & President of the Yadkin County Farm Bureau
“I support Ted Budd for the US Senate because he is a proven, effective, conservative leader and he knows how to win elections and tough legislative battles. Ted Budd is a family man, principled Christian, and a small business owner. He knows North Carolina and I believe Ted Budd is the person we need representing us in the US Senate.”

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