Making PPE in North Carolina

America’s masks and PPE should be made in North Carolina, not Communist China.  North Carolina has a proud textile heritage and is a world-leader in making textiles. North Carolina knows … Read More

My Record: Defending the Police

Our police are under attack like never before from radical extremist groups and their Democrat allies. Police officers have been violently attacked – 2 sheriff’s deputies in Los Angeles were … Read More

My Record: Helping Small Businesses Recover

Countless North Carolina small businesses have been forced to shut down forever and lay off long-time employees. Beloved local businesses have been crushed under the weight of an excessive government-mandated … Read More

Radical Liberals Are On A Warpath

Last week, when I asked you to stand with me against Cong. Ilhan Omar’s support for taxpayer-funded abortions for illegal immigrants, hundreds of concerned citizens joined our cause and signed … Read More

Thank You.

A couple weeks ago, during our end-of-quarter fundraising push, you and other likeminded conservatives stood strong with me for our Carolina values — thank you!  Thanks to your support, I filed a … Read More

My Reflections: Democratic Debate #2

Another day, another debate, a different 10 Democrats on the stage, but all the same radical socialist rhetoric. While they were busy highlighting ideas that are dangerous for our economy, … Read More

My Reflections: Democratic Debate #1

The political rhetoric delivered at tonight’s Democratic debate revealed one key theme: radical, dangerous socialism. America’s Democratic candidates for President are out of touch with North Carolina and with America … Read More

End of Month Update

My end-of-month fundraising deadline is coming up in a couple of hours, and I wanted to reach out to ask for your help before the deadline hits. In Congress, I’m … Read More