Making PPE in North Carolina

America’s masks and PPE should be made in North Carolina, not Communist China. 

North Carolina has a proud textile heritage and is a world-leader in making textiles. North Carolina knows how to make masks, hospital gowns, and other equipment that doctors and nurses need. 

North Carolinians deserve the chance at good-paying textile jobs. 

That’s why I am standing up for North Carolina in Congress by requiring the federal government to buy masks and PPE that are Made in America

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that China is not our friend. From keeping the virus quiet for 3 weeks to silencing doctors who dared to speak the truth, China has again and again put American lives at risk. Even worse, many of the masks and PPE made in China that North Carolinians are relying on are shoddy and defective.

North Carolina can do better than Communist China. 

READ here about my bill to require the federal government buy masks and PPE made in America.

Thank you for your continuous support.