My Record: Safely Reopening from COVID-19

COVID-19 hit North Carolina hard. Millions of North Carolinians lost their jobs, kids are forced to learn online, and sadly nearly 3,000 North Carolinians have lost their lives from the virus.

I was the first Congressman to call for a travel ban to China in January, along with President Trump. While Nancy Pelosi made fun of that idea, President Trump took swift action to temporarily shut America‚Äôs borders and stop the spread of COVID-19. 

China must be held accountable for their lies and inaction that cost thousands of American lives. Their Communist government covered up the virus for 3 weeks, costing America valuable time. China sent Americans defective PPE and used their influence to bully their allies into silence. China is not a friend to the United States.

Our nation owes a huge debt to nurses, doctors, EMS, grocery store workers, delivery drivers — everyone who kept America open during the shutdown and who are still on the frontline. 

Delivering care packages in Randolph and Rowan County

I voted for the CARES Act, a bill that saved millions of businesses, schools, and localities from COVID-19. Because of this money, nearly 130,000 North Carolina businesses kept their doors open, doctors and nurses got the resources they need, and families were able to survive unemployment. 

I have introduced and sponsored 25 bills to help North Carolina families and businesses safely reopen during the pandemic. I sponsored bills to help parents work from home, require airlines to screen passengers before getting on a flight, and help Americans get back to work. I also sponsored legislation to make personal protective equipment here in the US, so we will never rely on China and other foreign countries to manufacture needed safety equipment.

America can walk and chew gum at the same time. Businesses and schools have figured out to safely reopen. Every business needs the chance to succeed and every child deserves a quality education from a teacher in a safe school. 

Democrats are playing politics with the virus for their own gain. Nancy Pelosi is holding up aid for schools, businesses, and families. Kamala Harris is openly casting doubt on a vaccine to stir fear. Democrats talk about following science, but their actions show they listen to the demands of radical leftists looking to use any means to attack President Trump. 

I will continue to fight for the protection North Carolinians need against COVID-19. We have figured out the precautions to carry on our normal lives with the virus until a safe vaccine is developed – wear masks, wait 6 feet apart, wash your hands. And we should never experience a complete shutdown like this again. 

Thank you for standing with me.