My Record: Helping Small Businesses Recover

Countless North Carolina small businesses have been forced to shut down forever and lay off long-time employees. Beloved local businesses have been crushed under the weight of an excessive government-mandated shutdown. 

As a small business owner, I understand the pain the shutdown caused for North Carolina small businesses. That’s why I have championed small business recovery time and time again. 

I was proud to vote for the Paycheck Protection Program and vote to extend it. In North Carolina, this program helped save 1.2 million jobs and helped save nearly 130,000 businesses from having to shut down forever. 

Many North Carolina small businesses would not have survived without this critical assistance. 

When small businesses let me know that D.C. bureaucracy is getting in the way of having their PPP loan forgiven, I introduced a bill to make the forgiveness process for PPP loans easier, faster, and better. Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat allies stopped this common-sense bill from even being voted on. 

In Congress, I have fought for small businesses long before COVID-19. I worked with President Trump to lower taxes for small businesses and cut regulations to make it easier for entrepreneurs to succeed. Employees benefit too from these efforts.

I am and will continue to be an unfailing ally for small businesses. 

Our economy is experiencing one of the fastest recoveries in American history. We can’t restore American prosperity unless we safely reopen and allow people to get back to work. I won’t accept 8% unemployment as the “new normal.” 
Americans are a resilient people – we can walk and chew gum at the same time. I will always fight for small businesses and families who work to achieve the American Dream.

Thank you for standing with me,