My Record: Defending the Police

Our police are under attack like never before from radical extremist groups and their Democrat allies. Police officers have been violently attacked – 2 sheriff’s deputies in Los Angeles were shot at point blank range. In Asheville, 13% of the police force has resigned because local leaders defunded them and refuse to stand up to the woke mob.

I will always defend the police and never defund the police. 

My record is clear — I will always stand with the police. They are the thin blue line standing between a safe, prosperous society and chaotic violence. 

As politicians trip all over themselves to change their stances on police based on the most recent polling, I will never play political games with your family’s safety. 

Here is my record: 

I will stand with and defend police, always. The left wants to defund police. They’ll use other words for it – reimagine, reinvest, reallocate – but it means the same thing, starving police of the resources they need to protect you and your family. 

Defund lawless cities. Defend the police.

As we saw in the death of George Floyd, some police are bad and need to be removed from protecting our streets. The vast majority of police are honest, decent men and women whose singular goal is protecting all communities. I won’t waver from defending these men and women as they defend us. 

Thank you for standing with me.