Radical Liberals Are On A Warpath

Last week, when I asked you to stand with me against Cong. Ilhan Omar’s support for taxpayer-funded abortions for illegal immigrants, hundreds of concerned citizens joined our cause and signed up!

I am working tirelessly in Congress to stop abortions and illegal immigration — here are a few specific examples of our recent work on these two issues:

  • I voted to strip Planned Parenthood of taxpayer funding entirely and voted in support of the 20-week abortion ban. Unfortunately, Democrats have blocked these two critical ideas but I am still working to pass these provisions. 
  • Just last week, I wrote and sponsored legislation that would effectively cripple sanctuary cities, by allowing citizens who are victims of crimes committed by illegal immigrants to sue the sanctuary city. Sanctuary cities make a mockery of the rule of law and have no place in our country. 

Our fight is at a perilous point right now. Radical liberals are on a warpath, doubling down on their commitments to abortion and sanctuary cities. In fact, if they could, they would nationalize sanctuary city policies and fund abortion clinics in every community. Their agenda is wrong for our country.

These radical liberals are also on a warpath to defeat me in 2020 – because they know where I stand on these issues. That’s why they have committed literally millions of dollars to defeating me in 2020.

That’s why I’m asking you for more help — will you pitch in to the campaign today so that we may have the tools to fight back most effectively?

Our campaign is funded by the grassroots, and we’re up against Hollywood and Manhattan money. Every concerned conservative is needed, just to match what they’re doing.

Our end-of-month fundraising deadline is coming up in a few hours as well, so your support RIGHT NOW would be very timely for this deadline.

You can pitch in here.

Thank you for standing strong with me.