Thank You.

A couple weeks ago, during our end-of-quarter fundraising push, you and other likeminded conservatives stood strong with me for our Carolina values — thank you! 

Thanks to your support, I filed a strong campaign finance report that shows Washington insiders you will stand with me to defend our way of life.

This past quarter, our campaign graciously received hundreds of contributions from North Carolinians who are concerned about the future of our nation. It was close, but we met our quarterly fundraising goal – entirely thanks to you.

Here’s a sample a few of our supporters this past quarter:

  • A family from High Point who is concerned that Congress is not doing enough to fund our border wall — and appreciates my willingness to fight for it.
  • A business leader from Greensboro who supports the tax cut law I voted for – because it means more jobs for his company.
  • A retiree from Colfax who is concerned for her grandchildren’s future.
  • A parent from Salisbury who is thankful for our work to curb the opioid crisis.

We still have more work to do in Congress, and I won’t back down. Thank you for your support this quarter.